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Forming partnerships between our clinic & independent physicians with the purpose of providing quality expanded mesenchymal stem cell therapy, as well as attentive pre and post treatment care to patients.

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We are one of the worlds top rated stem cell clinics

We aim to provide quality cellular therapy, as well as attentive pre and post treatment care to patients. Our partners are able to offer an advanced treatment that is unavailable in the United States.

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Exceptional results

We have treated many patients with stem cell therapy over the years with increasing success. See our patient reviews.

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Safe & regulated

Our team of specialists work tirelessly to provide a safe, regenerative experience. Our clinic is fully accredited by the Cayman Islands Government.

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Cord tissue-derived mesenchymal cells

We source our cells from our partner Vitro Biopharma. A fully fully FDA registered, cGMP compliant, ISO 9001, and ISO 13485 certified laboratory in Colorado, USA

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Easily Accessible

We are located on Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman. We are professional, welcoming & forward thinking.

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Why partner with us?

The DVC Stem physicians referral network is designed to help you offer a sought after therapy that is unavailable in the United States.

Our IRB-approved protocol consists of a two-day period including the IV transplant of 300 million cord tissue-derived MSCs (Mesenchymal Stem Cells), as well as a variety of therapies designed to aid in stem cell activation and potency.

The right treatment protocol can change what is possible for your patients.

As physicians, we are in a perpetual attempt to seek out the most effective methods of treating disease for our patients. For some patients, traditional methods are not enough to provide the relief they need. We are to bridge that gap between traditional and regenerative medicine.

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Fully licensed & registered

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Over decade of experience

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300 million expanded cells delivered

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Sourced from a fully FDA compliant, ISO 9001 certified lab in the USA

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Fully licensed

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Advanced cell viability testing

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Modern clinic

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Safe, suited location

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Patient logistics coverage

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